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                              DESIGNER DOGS


There has been a large demand for "Designer Dogs." This is when you mix breed two different purbreds, also known as hybrids.  Designer Dogs are one of a kind. Each dog is unique as they will have their own combination of characteristics of the Mother and Father.  There are first generation designer dogs when both parents are purebreds.  If the parents are Maltichons then their puppies would be 2nd generation Maltichons.

 First let me say,  I am not a puppy mill.  All the puppies are raised right here in my home.  The parents of the puppies are my own personal pets.  I have been breeding for over 26 years.  I love raising happy, healthy, loving puppies and sending them off to their new home where they will receive lots of love, and bring a lot of joy to their new families.


How a puppy is raised early on makes a big difference if what kind of adult dog it will be. Each puppy receives lot of love and attention daily.   I pick them up and love them and get them used to the human touch, and that feeling of unconditional love. This socializes the puppy and gives them the socialization they need to be a happy addition to their new family.  


 I have been a dog lover for all of my life and have owned many different breeds.  I wanted a dog that didn't shed and therefore good for people with allergies.  I was told the Bichon and Maltese fit that criteria.  However, I loved the look of the West Highland Terrier too.   I couldn't decide for a long time, which one I wanted.  I finally went the with Bichon.  She turned out to be what I called, "my angel" dog.  She was perfect.   We went everywhere together.  At night she would cuddle up right next to me.   About a year later I rescued another Bichon.   I still wondered what a little Maltese would be like and one day I was at a pet store and saw the cutest little Maltese puppy.   So I couldn't resist.  So now I had 3 little white dogs,  but they were all females.They were such great little dogs, my friends wanted puppies from them.  So,  I  purchased a male Bichon and a male Maltese.   So

that's how I started breeding. 

I want to talk about the difference between male and female pups.  I know a lot of people lean towards females.  I too was one of those people until I started breeding and wanted my own stud dogs.   I found that males are just as sweet and lovable as the females.  What most people are concerned about with males, is the "marking."  The marking is caused by the male hormones that are produced when the puppy is 7 months of age.  The key is to get you male neutered no later than 6 months, before the hormones "kick" in.  If you neuter after the hormones are already there, you dog will still think he is a "stud" even though he can't pregnant a female, he will display the behaviors.  


Each breed as its own characteristics but how that puppy is raised is  most

influential in how the puppy behaves.  That is why I interact with my puppies, surrounding them my love and attention. But you must also know about the breed of puppy you are getting to know what characteristics it was bred to have.   In case you don't know about these breeds, let me give you a brief history about the breeds.
  First of all, they are similar in that they are all white.  They are great family dogs and companions.  They all require grooming as their hair can get easily matted.     I keep mine short as it makes the hair easier to maintain.  Longer hair requires more brushing.  Each breed has different types of hair.
The Bichon has curely hair.  The Maltese is long silky hair.  Maltichons have a combination,  or some more Bichon,  or some more Maltese. Bichon and Maltese do not have an undercoat.   A good dog to have if you have respiratory or allergy problems.  
Bichons and Maltese do not shed and have no undercoat.

Bichon Frise: Falls in the "Non-sporting" Catagory. Bichon ( bee-shawn) small white dog. Frise (free-say) means curly haired. They are similar to the poodle ( but don't mistake them for one as they well be greatly offended.) Their long hair is like a powder puff. They weigh 10-15lbs, and around 12 inches tall.

Temperment: This breed loves human company yet has a strong independent spirit. They are happy, friendly and lively and will enjoy as much exercise as their owner.

Maltese: Falls in the "Toy" Catagory. They come from the island of Malta, hence the name Maltese. They can weigh from 4-6 lbs, the toy Maltese, or can be a little larger 7-10lbs. This is the size Maltese I breed. I think the larger size makes a better family dog. The toy Maltese can be a little fragile for small children. Some people prefer this size but they are usually adults w/o children. They are usually 8-10 inches tall.

Temperment: Loving and loyal as well as tough. Makes a good watchdog. Our Maltese is great with kids and a wonderful part of our family.

Maltichon:  The most popular designer dog.  This combination of the Maltese and Bichon Frise is a great little dog sharing the personality of the Bichon and Maltese.  They can range in size from 8 to 14 lbs. They are hypoallergenic and do not shed, which is one reason they are so popular.

There is a lot more information on my main website. Also you can read the testimonial page where there are e-mails from previous buyers.  




At my web site  www.kathyslittlepups.comyou can find information about the dogs listed above by clicking on the specific tab or each.


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I am are located in Keller, Texas, 20miles North of Fort Worth and West of the DFW Airport. You may contact me by e-mail or phone. I don't usually return phone calls or answer e-mails until the afternoon or evening. You can call me up to 3am CST.

Kathy's White Angels   

Dr.Kathleen Roberts, DC
803 Barbara Lane
Keller, Tx 76248

Hm: 817-379-5712

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